Wuchan Zhongda Group has kept pace with the history of Zhejiang reform and opening-up.Formerly known as Zhejiang Materials Bureau,it was restructured as a group company in 1996,and merged with Zhongda Group in 2007.The group completed the mixed ownership reform and achieved the overall listing in 2016,thus becoming one of 12 samples for reform of state-owned enterprises in China.

  Insisting on the strategy of “one body with two wings”,the group mainly runs circulation,financial service and advanced industry,and possesses more than 350 member companies with nearly 20,000 employees.The group has been listed No.1 of Top 100 Zhejiang Enterprises since 2008 and “Global Top 500 Enterprises” since 2011.With operating income of over RMB 200 billion in 2016,the operating income,total profit,net asset compound growth rate and tax delivery of the group were as high as 16.85%,16.96%,22.52%,24.56% respectively from 2004 to 2016.
  Following the tenet of “Products Open to the World and Service Benefiting Everyone”,the group sticks fast to the road of professionalization,transformation and innovation,pursuit of value creation,diligence and courage.By accelerating to implement “Circulation 4.0” and deepening mixed ownership reform,the group is seeking to make itself and internationally competitive industry ecology organizer.
  Keeping abreast with the times,the group optimized its industrial distribution,and consolidates its position as the leader of Chinese supply chain integration service.Furthermore,finance services are expanded concerning fund investment,futures broker,finance lease,financial investment,etc.A vigorous expansion is given on low-risk and anticyclical environmental-friendly power generation,water affairs and other public services,medecine and healthcare,health preservation and pension and other health industries.Based on these efforts,the group accelerates its process of globalization and thus creates values further for customers,employees and investors.